We have made to Stage 1 of Lifting Restrictions! Wooh Hoo!

What this means, is that we can finally have some 10 lucky people back in our cozy bar… And we couldn’t be happier! We will require bookings to comply with Stage 1 restrictions, so make sure you secure your spot by booking HERE .

Of course, we also understand that with only 10 people allowed per seating (each seating is 1.5hours, from 4pm until late, Wednesday to Saturday), this means that some of you will unfortunately miss out… But whilst missing out on our famous comfy couches is pretty sad, you can still enjoy a splash of Grape Therapy in the comfort of your own Lounge room (or bedroom, we won’t judge!).

Let GRAPE THERAPY come To You !

Our delicious Tapas are now also available in a Take Away format, AND a killer selection of juicy wines and beers is also available to complete your take home experience!! Simply click here for ordering through the Bopple platform (no need to download anything), or text us your order (& preferred pick up time) using the “Text Us Your Order” pop-up button on this page.

So, whether or not you’ll be able to enjoy our awesome Tapas and Wine with the sound of Jazz, or in the comfort of your own home, we are happy to share the Grape Therapy experience with you!

So go on, order some delicious tapas, paired them with one of our perfect wines, and enjoy a lil’ grape therapy (with us, or at home…)

*Note: the enjoyment will be increased by knowing you’re supporting a small family-run business.

**For Take Home orders, please text us preferred Pick Up time.

***If you ask nicely, we are happy to share our secret Spotify playlists to better enhance your tapas+wine home experience.

Grape Therapy FOOD Autumn Menu 2020