With all the COVID-19 lockdown, self-isolation, and working from home, we too have adapted…

Whilst you might not be able to enjoy our ultra famous comfy couches (for now anyways), you can still enjoy a splash of Grape Therapy in the comfort of your own Lounge room (or bedroom…we won’t judge!).

We are stoked to bring to you something that we’ve been working really hard on for the last couple of weeks: GRAPE THERAPY To You !

Our delicious tapas are now available in a Take Away format (delivery coming soon), AND a killer selection of juicy wines (and beers!) is also available for you to take home!!

Simply click here for ordering through the Bopple platform (no need to download anything), or text us your order (& preferred pick up time) using the pop-up button!

We are super excited to bring you this new format… Sure, it might not be the same as sitting at our bar listening to live jazz, but it is 110% respectful of all Health and Safety measures that must be taken during these crazy times!

So go on, order some delicious tapas, paired them with one of our perfect wines, and enjoy a lil’ grape therapy at home…

*Note: the enjoyment will be increased by knowing you’re supporting a small family-run business.

**Staying at Home and supporting Local Businesses is just about the coolest thing we can all do in these times.

***If you ask nicely, we are happy to share our secret Spotify playlists to better enhance your tapas+wine home experience.